Our Vision

Our mission is to support, help and commit ourselves to the higher education institutions and faculty/staff of our clients and the students studing. We are a true dedicated partner to our clients by being completely involved with their business needs and supporting those needs as the company, steering committee, and/or senior management is looking for to drive the company goals to the next level. Our view is to help the University to reach the end-goal of successfully completing our young minds to be the new leaders of this great country.


Our Story

In the beginning of starting this venture, there was a lot of planning and discussions as to what Library Care could provide to the communities of Higher Education.  Under various beta testing experiences we have grown to understand what Universities are looking for with their consultants but yet understanding the consultants they are looking for isn’t your standard consulting company but one that has dedication and understanding of what education is really made of.  So, the development of Library Care 365 was born; and we are here ready to serve the education world.

Meet the Library Care 365 Management Team

Tony Photo

Anthony Snell; PhD, JD, MBA

Founder & CEO
Trident Consulting Firm
(Parent Company of Library Care 365)

Anthony served in the United States Navy’s Submarine Service; once his career was complete, Dr. Snell worked for various corporations to understand the business world. He worked for companies such as Warner Bros., Napster, Countrywide, RCA and the banking industry. Dr. Snell has been in the information technology profession for over 30 years before getting involved with the business of Higher Education. During his tenure as an adjunct professor did he learn and understand the values of the cost to operate within Higher Education and decided to pick an area of education to dedicate his time and efforts in reducing the cost of tools to help educate our young minds; which is our future. He has dedicated his time in an extensive learning process to better serve the Library community which is why the offering of this division is solely for the betterment of educational tools to support students, professors and staff.

Next Steps…

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