Library Services

Excellent library services are the goal of all libraries. Library Care 365 helps libraries evaluate their services and provide the best tools needed for making those services meet the goals and objectives of the library.


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Online Educational Services

Online learning is growing. Research shows the student retention in online programs increases when support services are available for online courses. Library Care 365 helps libraries extend their online support services.

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Educational Consulting

Information literacy provides increased learning support for educational programs. In the online environment, it is important to develop interactive training modules that not only teach the skills, but also captures the user’s attention.

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Libraries and technology has a lot in common. Collaborative libraries with integrated IT departments are becoming more popular. Library Care 365 will help libraries build those bridges to become one department.

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Library Ethics

“Intellectual freedom can exist only where two essential conditions are met: first, that all individuals have the right to hold any belief on any subject and to convey their ideas in any form they deem appropriate, and second, that society makes an equal commitment to the right of unrestricted access to information and ideas regardless of the communication medium used, the content of work, and the viewpoints of both the author and the receiver of information.” – Intellectual Freedom Manual, 7th edition

Library Care 365 supports ALA’s intellectual freedom beliefs and is committed to follow this professional ethics code. ~